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New Meelikey.com update/entry [Mar. 5th, 2008|05:08 pm]
Fall Out Boy Community
Noah Baumbach is a god.

the greatest thing about the realization that so many people love to hate you is the moment you step beyond the paranoia and junior high school insecurity- when you realize that it is truly liberating. you can think whatever you want or do whatever you do because people hate you beyond clicking an anonymous submit button.

i have beaten contra three times this week. only with the thirty lives though.

i have the greatest love of my life.

i am going to a couple of areas of extreme conflict in the middle east late this spring. i am anxious to hear the stories of people and bring attention to the refugees. war is over if we want it to be. change is here if we want it to be.

i want to stay in that ice hotel sometime. it seems to be one of those things i want to do before i die.

i miss hearing how youve been when we come through your town.

hope we can put it all together some day down the road. no big deal, but i do miss it for the record.

i think 90 percent of how i feel is based on my sleep patterns and the way i only sleep about three hours a night. i am going to a sleep doctor that will help me figure this all out with out the aid of narcotics. i am nervous.

you only see what i want you to.
03 Mar 2008